What we do

What we do

MULTISAR provides a variety of tools for landholders interested in conserving Species at Risk. We operate on both private and public (crown) land.



Primary Tools

MULTISAR develops detailed, in-depth and free customized ranch plans that balance the needs of multiple species of wildlife with a sustainable ranching operation. They are undertaken in high priority areas in native grasslands by a team that includes landholders, biologists and range agrologists.

A condensed version of the Habitat Conservation Strategy, MULTISAR biologists provide a free habitat assessment and recommendations for management practices that benefit priority species and are compatible with the agricultural operation.

For landholders wishing to make specific habitat improvements on their properties (e.g., installation of hawk nesting poles), MULTISAR can provide guidance and recommend practices that benefit a Species at Risk (or group of species).


MULTISAR also strives to increase public awareness of Species at Risk and the importance of Alberta’s ranching heritage in the conservation of native grasslands and their biodiversity. We do this through participation in a variety of education events and venues. If your school/organization or landowner group is interested in learning more about species at risk and their grassland habitats you can contact MULTISAR.