Species at Risk Conservation Plans

Species at Risk Conservation Plans

A Species at Risk Conservation Plan (SARC) is a visual assessment of the key wildlife habitats found on a property. It provides landholders with information on how subtle management changes to their operation may benefit Species at Risk and other wildlife.

The process includes the following steps:

number1A one-on-one meeting with the landholder to discuss current management practices, wildlife, species at risk and the objectives of the plan.

number2A quick ranch-wide visual habitat assessment carried out by MULTISAR biologists and recommendations for Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) adapted for the land and the ranching operation. These are summarized in a report, along with a variety of supporting information and maps.

number3Implementation of BMPs is at the discretion of the landholder.

If you manage native prairie in Alberta’s Grassland Natural Region, you are eligible for a free assessment. Contact MULTISAR if you would like to consider implementing a Species at Risk Conservation Plan on your land.