Habitat Conservation Strategies

Habitat Conservation Strategies

A Habitat Conservation Strategy (HCS) is a detailed plan developed by a team of people including landholders, wildlife biologists and range agrologists. HCSs strive to balance the need for healthy rangelands and quality wildlife habitat through grazing recommendations and habitat improvement projects.

The process starts with a collaborative agreement between the landholder and MULTISAR and includes the following steps:

number1Detailed inventories of the land (e.g. wildlife surveys and range inventories) and information gathering on current management practices and ranch history.

number2Development of a ranch plan that includes specific management recommendations for maintaining and/or increasing species at risk habitat, as well as sustainable ranching.

number3Assist the landholder in implementing the management recommendations and habitat improvements.

number43Evaluation and monitoring of the success of management actions and habitat improvements.


Contact MULTISAR if you manage native grasslands in our core areas and are interested in finding out more about Habitat Conservation Strategies.