Beneficial Management Practices

Beneficial Management Practices

Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) for Species at Risk are management actions that reduce the risk that those species will disappear from Alberta.

For example, by placing salt and minerals away from ponds you can minimize grazing and trampling around the edges of the ponds and create more favourable breeding conditions for both Northern Leopard Frogs and Great Plains Toads.

MULTISAR recommends BMPs only after talking to the landholder and assessing the land. This ensures we are recommending BMPs that are appropriate for the area, the operation, and the local Species at Risk, and that they don’t conflict with the landholder’s priorities and goals.

Occasionally, species-specific management practices may conflict with each other. For example, heavier grazing may be recommended in Burrowing Owl nesting habitat, but this treatment could negatively impact the Baird’s Sparrow or other species that prefer lighter grazing. Therefore BMPs need to be site-specific and based on the characteristics and priorities for each area.  MULTISAR considers multiple species instead of individual species, so we are well prepared to resolve this problem.


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